Jenny Oldknow


I am a full time artist living and working in the beautiful county of Derbyshire, England. I create impressionistic oil paintings full of life and colour. I'm inspired by seeing the beauty in everyday things and places, bringing them to life with energetic and bold brush strokes of vibrant and juicy oil paint... my aim is to take a slice of ordinary and paint it into a lasting moment of colourful magic. My favourite things to paint are the hidden corners of Derbyshire on sunny days... the small stone villages, courtyards and gardens of my local area never fail to inspire. Big jugs of vibrant flowers always makes me want to grab my brushes too! I'm a big big fan of watercolour journaling, and I have many tiny moleskine notebooks lined up on a shelf in my studio, full of quickly captured pen and wash scribbles of the things that catch my eye.