jenny aitken


I have been painting professionally for over 20 years, and I'm largely self-taught, having focused on photography whilst at university. My style has evolved throughout my career and continues to do so, with a recent turn towards more plein air work. Much of my process, which I share regularly in workshops and demonstrations, is about exacting and mixing colours and tones accurately, controlling my palette. The application of paint is necessarily a freer, looser process, as I'm obsessed with impressionistic light and movement on the canvas. I strive to depict vibrance and atmosphere. I live in Derbyshire, on the edge of the beautiful Peak District, though I have strong family roots in the Channel Islands, and the coast is a constant inspiration. I work in acrylics and oils, both in the studio and direct from the landscape, and regularly travel to hold workshops and demos to societies, groups and individuals. I am also a guest writer for The Artist Magazine.