David Gabriel


I have always loved painting from my days at secondary school, but with a very busy life and demanding job as a Electrical Contracts Manager. I never had the time to do much about it until I retired in 2006. After retiring I decided to go to a course of watercolour painting and later progressing on to oil painting at Mole House Studio in Ipswich Suffolk under my tutor and studio owner Jane Humphries. I loved the course and the people at the studio so much that I ended up staying for 5 years. I only stopped going to the studio when I was enticed to come out of retirement and start my own business in security of high profile buildings. However I did not stop painting and often refer back to my pictures produced at Mole House Studio. I paint in watercolour, oils and mixed media mostly inspired by my travels to Spain and America. As I live in East Anglia I also love to paint a lot of marine subjects based on the villages and creeks this area is famous for. I am very critical of my pictures and would still like to improve a lot more. My wife Gayna is my best critic and I take notice of what she says, she is usually right as most wife’s are. I hope that people who view these enjoy them.