Grégoire KOBOYAN


Self-taught seasoned. Painting for me is a way of discovering oneself in the mirror of the past, the present and the future. As an initiatory journey, as a missionary I would like to be able to convey messages, and emotions, awakening the imaginary. I paint and draw amateur since 1977, outside, in the nature or in my camper, and no matter the place! Also the living models have posed and we always collaborate together when it is needed. Because it seems very interesting to impose voluntarily constraints, time, duration with models or during competitions or competitions of direct painting in nature. I participated in collective exhibitions, a personal, in France, in Lyon sold paintings and also do donations of my works All these difficulties and constraints increase the challenge and add experience. I work on the inside of the house in a studio room. I start my project following an idea that seems emotionally important, then transcribe it directly onto a support (paper, wood panel, computer or canvas)