Matteo Casali


Matteo Casali, aka Caramello, was born in Schio (VI) on 04/23/1994, he lives in Thiene in Via Fedele Lampertico, 36 (VI) Since he was a child he showed a strong creative talent by drawing comics and creating small sculptures with clay. His artistic career was therefore a natural evolution culminating with the attainment of the diploma at the Liceo Artistico di Schio (VI) In the years of the Art School, Matteo Casali follows the movement of the "Barbonism" and leaves his anonymous works scattered around the city and in front of the Art Gallery in Via Maddalena, in Thiene in order to draw attention to the art world with little incentive from an economic point of view. This initiative will be followed by others, signing each time under the pseudonym: "The damned painter". He is currently attending the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, following the painting courses held by prof. Di Raco Carlo and Scavezzon Martino, Luca Reffo and Bendini.