Abdalla Abdalla



Abdalla Issa was born in Zanzibar, Tanzania in 1976. His artistic skill began since he was child, during that time he used to copy pictures from children books. In 1995 he enrolled at the Nyumba ya Sanaa-Art Institute in Zanzibar, for two years in basic fine art lessons. Since that time he has worked as a watercolour artist, although he has tried other mediums like oil, acrylic as well as pen and ink. Through training and advice from experienced artists together with art books, gradually he has developed his artistic skill and techniques. His works tend to have influence on semi realistic way combine with variations of colours, with the depiction of varied subject matter. He is represented his works by several galleries in Zanzibar, he lives and works in Zanzibar. Contact: Abdalla Issa P.O.Box 4280, Zanzibar, Tanzania +255(0)715 469 898 [email protected]