Line and wash masterclass with Liz Chaderton

Line and wash masterclass with Liz Chaderton

Learn how to paint a wonderful macaw in this 2-hour online masterclass with professional artist, Liz Chaderton.

Line and wash macaw

Tuesday 23 April 2024 11am-1pm (BST)
Tickets £35

In this two-hour online masterclass, Liz Chaderton will demonstrate how to paint a wonderful macaw using line and wash, and in the process, explore capturing movement and flight using hard and soft edges, expressive linework and glowing colours. During the session, you'll explore mark-making and capturing the essence of your subject. The lessons you learn can be applied to many subjects, not just birds in flight.

Line and wash is where drawing and painting meet, each bringing something to the painting. The line often adds definition and contour, while the washes add character and emotion. Liz will start with the line work and then add washes of watercolour to bring life to our piece.

What can you expect from the masterclass?

First, Liz will encourage you to think about the composition and how cropping or changing your reference can help to tell a story. Together, you will explore pen drawing styles, such as continuous line or broken line. Next, you'll explore colour-mixing and how the underlying bias of the primary impacts whether the secondary colour is vibrant or muted. Liz will demonstrate how to work out when to stop and when to add more, along with what role both the line and the wash play.

Choose to paint-along with Liz during the masterclass or simply enjoy watching the demonstration and practise what you've learnt in your own time. Book your place today to ensure you don't miss out on this exclusive live demonstration!

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Webinar information

  • The masterclass will take place on Zoom and will last for approximately 2 hours including a Q&A session and a short break during the session (these are approximate timings and may vary slightly).
  • Once you have registered for the masterclass, you'll receive an email confirmation containing your link to join the masterclass on the day, plus Liz's suggested materials list and reference photograph for the session.
  • During the masterclass, you'll have the opportunity to submit your questions and chat with fellow attendees using the Q&A and 'chat' buttons at the bottom of your screen. 
  • The masterclass will be recorded and will be made available to all registered attendees the day after the live session, for one month following the live masterclass. 

If you're not sure how to join one of our Zoom webinars/masterclasses, or if you've not used Zoom before, check out our handy how-to guide.

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About Liz Chaderton

Liz Chaderton

Liz Chaderton is a full time artist based in Berkshire, working mainly in watercolour and ink. Liz has travelled extensively with pencil and paper to hand, sketching giant tortoises in the Galapagos and ancestral houses in Indonesia. Gradually painting became something she couldn’t ignore, and in 2016 Liz committed to being a full time artist.

Painting flora and fauna forces Liz to see them in a fresh light, to appreciate their vitality and joie de vivre, something she aims to share through her paintings.

Liz's work can be found in galleries in the Thames Valley and selected art prints are available from Artko (UK), Artwall (US via Wayfair) or Wraptious (worldwide). Liz also shares her enthusiasm through teaching workshops in person and online and her fifth book was published in 2023 by The Crowood Press. You can catch Liz's weekly films on YouTube, too.

See more from Liz over on her website.

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