Wet on dry

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How to create aerial and atmospheric perspective in watercolour

Lesley Linley shows how to depict space and atmosphere in your landscape paintings.

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How to paint spring flowers in watercolour

Ann Blockley captures the vibrant clarity of spring flowers in watercolour.

Step into spring by Julie King

Follow Julie King step by step as she paints a delicate bunch of much-loved woodland flowers

How to Paint a Vignette of Colourful Anemones with Rachel McNaughton

Use loose and lively watercolour techniques to paint a bunch of vibrant anemones in a vase.

How to paint rainbow lorikeets in watercolour with Elena Parashko

Practise techniques and colour mixing to develop your watercolour confidence, with Elena Parashko.

How to paint a teddy bear in gouache with Murray Ince

Learn to paint light over dark in gouache as you paint a teddy bear portrait with Murray Ince.

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