Painting Transparent Glass in Watercolour with Diana Boanas

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Your work is superb, well done.

That’s lovely to read Thalia. Thank you. I rarely use masking fluid unless I need those really fine lines or sharp edges . My biggest problem with it is getting the lid off! Buy the smallest bottle as I find they all go ‘ off’ ‘ quickly once opened. If it really thickens up, I mix a bit of water with and always clean away the areas around the bottle neck. Put the bottle top on immediately to avoid the air getting at it. I pour a bit into a tiny container to use. I have a small bottle of W&N which is doing better that most at the moment.

Huge thank you for a brilliant very inspiring. Masking fluid is the bane of my life, however, it goes"off" within a week of opening it here on Gozo. I have tried all brands, to no avail. Any ieas???I wondered about keeping it in the fridge??? Will have a go at your helpful ideas anyway!

Thank you Emma. Im happy to receive your positive feedback. Thank you Pam. I hope it was of interest to you.

Great article Diana, thanks!

Posted by Emma P on Thu 23 Jan 19:36:34

Thanks for your clear advice on painting glass and for sharing your super paintings.

Have a go on Thursday!

Thanks Diana for this demonstration of painting glass I will have a go myself but know it won’t be an easy task.