This little cupcake (see below) is a delight to paint and calorie free!

You will need to keep a close eye on the different variations in tone to keep it looking three-dimensional and good enough to eat. I have deliberately used minimal colours, but if you don’t have the exact colour stated, think about what you could use instead - for example if you don't have Cobalt Violet, you could try using any purple that you already have mixed with a little pink - the important thing is to get the tonal values right.

It is also crucial that you blend the colours together with a simple water glaze, either at the end of each stage with a dry flat brush or with a damp spotter.

The cherry on the top needs to look shiny and juicy so take care when painting around the highlight and take your paint around a larger highlighted area so that you have space to blend it into the paper. Be careful when painting the little creases within the paper case, too, as each of the folds is pale in colour at the front. Keep your darker colour away from this, as it gives the illusion of the paper being folded and not flat. Enjoy painting!

Cupcake, watercolour on Saunders Waterford Hot-Pressed 300gsm watercolour paper, (10x10cm)


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