In this video you will learn:

  • How to interpret and paint from a photograph
  • How to change some of the details in your photo to make a better painting composition
  • How to draw in your composition
  • How to hold your pencil to create a more lively line
  • How to work with a limited palette
  • How to choose your colours and colour-mixing tips
  • How to paint a watercolour sky
  • Advice on choosing brushes and brush control
  • How to soften an unwanted hard edge
  • Tips on aerial perspective
  • How to paint trees and foliage using the negative space painting technique
  • How to paint a gradated wash to create the foreground
  • How to add shadows to create a sense of light and depth
  • How to add interest to your foregrounds
  • How to complete a watercolour landscape painting by adding final details

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