Water-soluble coloured pencil

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squirrel finished no border
How to draw a red squirrel in coloured pencil

Follow Linda Drury as she demonstrates a red squirrel, step-by-step in coloured pencil.

LS Finished
Learn when to stop painting with Liz Seward

Liz Seward warns against obsessive fiddling when trying to tidy up a landscape painting.

Bearly monochrome - how to draw a teddy bear with Trudy Friend

There’s a great deal to be said for a model that keeps still. Trudy Friend uses monochrome media to describe form and texture.

Sketching at Dungeness with coloured pencils

Lynette Farley captures a morning at Dungeness with a sketchbook and coloured pencils.

Watercolour pencil techniques for landscapes

Irina Garmashova shows various techniques for painting landscapes using watercolour pencils.

Low-Cost Watercolour Materials

Tony Slater looks at how to gather basic watercolour materials without too much cost. Try them out with our step-by-step demonstration of how to paint a rural landscape.

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