Blackbirds are lovely birds that are often seen bouncing across our lawns, looking for a quick meal. During the breeding season we notice them carrying food to their nests to feed the young ones, who will be waiting anxiously for those worms. They often have a couple of broods every year and can start as early as March.

Your reference photo for this project

Drawing out

To paint these beautiful eggs, first transfer the drawing onto the paper. You can do this freehand, using the grid system or by tracing a printout of the reference photo using graphite paper. Should you use the last method, I suggest that you make reference marks around the edge of the photo when you position it on your watercolour paper. This will enable you to reposition the print of the outline drawing back over the top to add any missing details later.

Once you have the drawing done you then need to decide if you would like to have a background on your painting. This is entirely your choice as this painting will work well with or without one.

The colour mixes you will need for the eggs should be of a milky consistency of cerulean blue and phthalo blue. You will also need a milky consistency mix of burnt umber, phthalo blue and lamp black for the dark areas. I hope you enjoy following along with me as we paint the eggs in detail.

Demonstration: Blackbird’s Eggs

Blackbird’s Eggs, watercolour on 300gsm watercolour paper, (21x30cm)