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Masterclass - City scenes in acrylic with Terry McKivragan

Masterclass - Terry McKivragan talks to Oliver Lange about his techniques for using acrylics

Gardens of the imagination

Keith Dunkley explains to Oliver Lange the influences behind his acrylic paintings, which combine ideas and reference material from a number of sources.

Observation Masterclass by Peter John Garrard

Improving your observational skills is the subject for this Masterclass

Martin Ridley Masterclass

Wildlife artist Martin Ridley says: “As a source of inspiration, animals cannot be beaten”

Keith Shackleton Masterclass - Wildlife in Oils. The Artist. March 1995.

Wildlife in Oils Keith Shackleton

Coping With Changing Light by Richard Pikesley

Richard Pikesley describes how the changes of sunlight in his studio provide drama for a series of small paintings to use for later reference.

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