By following this project, you can create four different versions of the same design, each version interpreting and adapting the same image in a different way through linocutting.

Often, when people practise linocutting for the first time, they cut away only the lines of a drawing where the pencil lines are – this is what is known as white line cutting. However, it is helpful to see images in terms of light and dark, and to understand that the way in which you cut around, or between, your lines will render a variety of print options that will result in a much stronger finished image.

By isolating these methods for image interpretation and carrying them out one by one on the same design, you will begin to better understand the different effects that each method creates in a print.

Many linocut prints use a combination of line and cutting methods but to really understand these different methods, it is helpful for you to try them individually at least once.

The finished print