'I painted La Cadiere using a photograph taken from the neighbouring village of Le Castellet in Provence,' says Tim Fisher as he combines inks and soft pastels for colourful landscapes in the October 2017 issue of Leisure Painter. 'Before starting, I created a small sketch (see below) of the subject so that the shapes and more importantly the tones of the subject could be understood before I started the painting. After creating this working sketch, I decided that a longer, letterbox format would work well and I added lavender fields into what was an uninteresting foreground'.

'To begin, an overall wash of scarlet and yellow ochre was applied to the pastel paper. I tried to vary the intensity of colour, making the washes stronger and more orange where I intended to place the buildings, lavender fields and poppies in the foreground. To achieve the effect of sky and a misty hillside, I blended the surface. I used a shaped blender made from an off cut of cork floor tile; this method tends to be easier on the fingers!

'Progressing down the paper I left more of the underpainting showing around the buildings then added more layers to represent the lavender and poppies in the foreground. I tried to keep faithful to the initial thoughts of the bright foreground colour within the sketch'.

You can read the full article in the October issue of Leisure Painter. Click here to purchase your copy.

Watch as Tim sketches a street scene in ink below.

Below is La Cadiere, ink and pastel on Fisher 400 Classic, (33x51cm).