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From plein air sketch to studio painting with Alan Bickley

Alan shows how to scale up your plein air work to produce a larger studio painting.

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How to paint a blustery summer sky in oils with Alan Bickley

Alan shows how to paint scudding clouds in a summer sky.

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Paint the Japanese bridge at Patchings Art Centre with Alan Bickley

Enjoy part of the stunning Patchings Art Centre grounds virtually as Alan Bickley shares a step-by-step demonstration.

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The Lane to Colton Heath with Alan Bickley

Paint a snowy landscape, step-by-step, with Alan Bickley

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How to Paint an Atmospheric Snow Scene with Alan Bickley

Alan Bickley shows how to paint an atmospheric snow scene in oils.

How to paint a flooded spring landscape in pastel with Sheila Goodman

Sheila Goodman demonstrates how she likes to home-in on the landscape to find texture, colour and pattern, which she depicts using soft pastels.

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