Demonstration in gouache by Jane Taylor

To illustrate this article, and in order to describe the build-up of a painting, I have chosen a simple subject which pleases me - a striped deckchair in a corner of the garden.

I have always loved the look of deckchairs.  There is an association with childhood seaside holidays, the garden in summer, etc., and I felt that this subject would get me off to a good start.  This particular chair with its bold blue and white stripes had a special significance for me.

I collected my materials:  a drawing board on which was stretched a 6” x 9½” piece of ‘Ingres’ Canson paper of a reddish brown colour, Caran D’Ache gouache colours – white, yellow ochre, cadmium red, viridian, cobalt blue, ultramarine and black.  Brushes used were chiefly Daler nylon brushes, suitable for gouache painting because of their springiness and durability – and not too expensive to replace when necessary.

I made for a spot by our own back door under an open-sided but roofed-over extension.  Ideal.  The day was warm but not too warm, the light steady, again ideal.  There was no sky visible from my seated position and I was very conscious of the variety of warm and cool greens and greys.  I was ready for action with the subject directly in front of me.  I could hardly wait to get going.