Follow Bob Elcock's step-by-step demonstration to draw this beautiful white tiger using pastel pencils.

White Tiger, Cretacolor Fine Art Pastel Pencils on Ingres mountboard in colour sea breeze, (27x20.5cm)

Before you begin, watch Bob in action as he draws a tiger's ear, also using Cretacolour Fine Art Pastel Pencils, in the video below.

DEMONSTRATION: How to draw a tiger

Your reference photograph, courtesy of Getty Images


Start with a drawing using zinc white pastel pencil and the grid method, which should give you an accurate start to the picture.

This photograph is approximately 8x8in. so attach a 1in. acetate grid to the picture and draw a grid on to your board at 1 1⁄4in. each square, to make the picture a quarter as large again as the photograph.

Use the same formula to enlarge your painting to your preferred size. If you decide you would like to keep the picture the same size you should draw a 1in. grid on your board or paper using the zinc white pastel pencil.

Clip the acetate grid to the photograph to stop it moving when drawing

The finished drawing