Follow Angela Gaughan's stpe-by-step demonstration to draw a border colllie on the beach using Derwent Inktense pencils.


Demonstration - All Played Out

Step 1

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  1. Make a detailed drawing using a 2B graphite pencil, putting in as much detail as possible.
  2. Place all the darks using the ink black Inktense pencil dry.
  3. Make a palette by scribbling the ink black Inktense block onto a spare piece of watercolour paper and thin out the colour to make a pale grey by mixing with water. Use this to shade over the pebbles.

Step 2

  1. Make up very weak washes of sherbet lemon, apple green, field green, light olive, iron green, iris blue and lagoon.
  2. Wet the board (taking care around the dog) and, while damp, drop in the colours for the background and the water.

Step 3

  1. Make a thin wash of baked earth and fill the spritzer.
  2. Cover the top of the picture with paper or kitchen roll and spray the pebbles.
  3. Leave to dry.

Step 4

  1. Make a thin wash of lagoon blue, fill the spritzer and spray the pebbles. Leave to dry.
  2. With a bark pencil dry, darken around the pebbles. Take your time and search out the patterns in the stones.
  3. Use lagoon blue to wash over the dark hair on the dog.
  4. Allow to dry then wash shiraz over the same area and allow to dry again. Repeat these two steps until you think the fur is dark enough.
  5. With baked earth dry, put a little colour into the eyes.
  6. Then with ink black darken the darks where needed. Spray with water in the spritzer to set and allow to dry.

Step 5
  1. Using white Inktense, lighten areas and draw in some light hairs where needed.
  2. Use iris blue dry to highlight the black fur.
  3. Spray with water to set and leave to dry.
  4. Use white acrylic to highlight the white fur and to put the highlights in the eyes.
  5. Lighten a few pebbles here and there with antique white and tint in all the colours that have been used throughout the painting into the foreground.

The Finished Painting

All Played Out, Inktense on watercolour board, (30.5x43cm)

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