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How to paint a still life in oils with Alan Bickley

Alan Bickley demonstrates a still life in layers.

Practising acrylic brush strokes: a step-by-step guide

Practise making a variety of brush marks, acrylic colour mixing and painting an acrylic landscape in this guide to acrylic brush techniques by Jackie Garner.

How to draw buildings in line and wash

Explore line and wash techniques with Milly England.

How to paint a spring landscape

Liz Seward uses liquid acrylic inks and coloured pencils to demonstrate a lively spring landscape.

How to paint cast shadows in acrylic: a step-by-step demonstration

Follow this simple demonstration by Jo Quigley to learn how to paint cast shadows in acrylic, along with some advice on why painting shadows is important.

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Illuminated letters - How to create an Ottonian letter 'K'

Learn to create illuminated letters with Margaret Morgan

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