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Painting the London Underground with John Lidzey

Looking for new sources of subject matter for his paintings in watercolour, John goes underground and finds today’s travellers in settings of bright lights and colours.

Arches Huile Paper

Any reservations Haidee-Jo Summers had about this new oil painting paper were swept away as she began painting.

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On a knife’s edge. Paint a New York street scene with Mike Rollins

Take out your painting knives to create the illusion of a busy, detailed street scene in New York

How to paint people and figures in watercolour townscapes by Jake Winkle

Jake Winkle offers advice on getting the correct perspective when painting townscapes and how best to include figures in your paintings.

How to paint a London street scene in watercolour

Mark Buck demonstrates a busy view of the Southbank in winter

Masterclass - City scenes in acrylic with Terry McKivragan

Masterclass - Terry McKivragan talks to Oliver Lange about his techniques for using acrylics

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