Try drawing trees using pencils, ink, charcoal and coloured pencil with the following video demonstrations, as recommended in the July 2019 issue of Leisure Painter

Draw easy trees in the landscape for beginners with Lineke Lijn

Use pencil and ink to draw trees in the landscape with this demonstration for beginners by Lineke Lijn.

See more from Lineke on her website.

How to draw a tree with Circle Lane Art School

Use a 4B pencil to draw an oak tree from trunk to final details.

Discover more on the Circle Line Art School website.

Tips and techniques for trunks and branches by Peter Sheeler

Peter Sheeler shares ways of drawing more realistic trees using Indian ink.

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See more of Peter's videos on Youtube by clicking here.

How to draw trees with charcoal pencils by The Virtual Instructor

Create a landscape sketch using charcoal pencils.

How to draw a tree with coloured pencils by The Virtual Instructor

Learn how to draw a realistic tree with Polychromos colored pencils.

See more from the Virtual Instructor here.

For more drawing and painting inspiration, see the July issue of Leisure Painter

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