Simple watercolour landscape

Follow this step-by-step tutorial and learn how to paint a simple watercolour landscape, including advice on watercolour mixing.

Mixing colours for your watercolour landscape painting

Here are the mixes you’ll need to make for the demonstration. Always use the No. 8 Round to mix paint (not your smaller brushes). Below is the layout of the palette with the mixes shown.


  • Ultramarine

Fence posts

  • Ultramarine + light red = brown


  • Take out a couple of brushfuls of ultramarine from the sky mix and dilute with water. Add a little light red to make purple. Test your colour on scrap paper.

Foliage green

  • Squeeze out a pea size amount of permanent yellow and put four brushfuls of water into the well next to it.
  • Mix some of the yellow into this then add a small amount of neat ultramarine to make green.
  • Using the tip of your brush, add a little light red.
  • Test the green on scrap paper.
  • Stir and take out one brushful into an adjoining slant well and darken it by adding more neat ultramarine and light red. This will be your darker green.

Top Tip - Make sure you mix all the colours before you start painting the image.

Simple watercolour landscape tutorial