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How to mix acrylic paint: a complete guide

Follow this in-depth acrylic colour mixing guide by Jackie Garner to learn colour terms, how to mix acrylic paint and how to mix bright, dull and neutral colours.

How to use blocking in techniques to paint a landscape with sheep

Jackie Garner shows how to paint and modify flat washes and block in your paintings.

Stretching watercolour paper: a step-by-step demonstration

Learn how to stretch watercolour paper with this simple demonstration, along with helpful tips and advice of how to overcome problems when stretching watercolour paper.

Watercolour brushes: how to choose the right paint brush

Learn about the types of watercolour brushes, how to choose a paint brush, how to clean paint brushes and much more, in this watercolour brush guide by Tony Paul.

How to paint a watercolour landscape: a step-by-step tutorial

Follow this step-by-step tutorial and learn how to paint a simple watercolour landscape, including advice on watercolour mixing.

How to paint a winter landscape from a summer photo

Jem Bowden shows how to transform a summer landscape of Glastonbury Tor into a muted snow scene in watercolour

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