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Art Relief with Tom Cringle - Sketching with colour

Tom shows how to be more outgoing and expressive when sketching with colours

Art Relief with Tom Cringle - Stick People part three

Tom explains how to draw people in a cartoon strip

Art Relief with Tom Cringle - Landscapes part one

Tom starts looking at landscapes

Art in Lockdown with Cheryl Culver PPPS, RBA

Regular contributor to The Artist, Cheryl Culver, shares a little about her life and art in lockdown.

How to paint a watercolour snow scene with Alan Owen

How to paint a snow scene

Screenshot_2019-10-10 Hedgehog Speed Painting by Colin Bradley - YouTube
How to draw a hedgehog in pastel pencil with Colin Bradley

Watch this incredible picture come to life as Colin Bradley draws a hedgehog in pastel pencil.

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