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How to make and prepare surafces and boards for oil painting

Mo Teeuw shows how to prepare inexpensive boards for oil painting.

How to use a palette knife in oil painting: Beginner palette knife techniques

How to use a palette knife in oil painting when thinning the consistency of your paint. Using Odourless mineral spirit to mix your paint with the palette knife to create a thinner mixture for underpainting when painting a portrait. Palette…

How to use a Slip Mount with Cotswold Mounts

This video shows how to mount a picture in a slip mount for a temporary, semi-permanent and permanent mount.

The Big Squeeze

Save money on paint by completely emptying your tubes using the Big Squeeze. An ergonomic and truly effective tube squeezer, the Professional’s Tube Squeezer comes with a lifetime warranty. Watch the video at £39.99…

Different types of Mount Board

Cotswold Mounts sell three different types of Mount Board. Conservation Grade white core mounts that won't discolour and the cheaper Cream Core mounts that may discolour over time.

How to mount pictures quickly and efficiently

If you have many photos or pictures, mounting them can be time consuming. Cotswold Mounts we have developed a quick and easy way to prepare pictures for framing.

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