Alla prima

Bonfire on the beach by Marie Blake

Marie Blake describes the in-depth preparation she undertook before painting this month’s demonstration picture for us.

Alla-prima watercolour painting with Amanda Hyatt

Amanda Hyatt demonstrates an alla-prima painting using her Five Steps to Watercolour technique.

Oil Painting in the Garden with David Curtis

David Curtis describes how he raced against the light and the heat as made an alla-prima contre-jour oil painting of a picturesque corner of his garden.

Watch Haidee-Jo Summers painting plein-air in Newark

Haidee-Jo Summers paints a river scene in oils in Newark-on-Trent

Figure Painting Alla Prima - Demonstration Two by Philip Tyler

This is the second part of Phil’s article in The Artist Summer issue, in which he painted the figure alla-prima in oils, using the measured drawing approach