Try painting still lifes with flowers with this month's selection of video demonstrations.

Paint Flowers and a Tea Cup in Watercolour with Katerina Pytina

Follow Katerina as she paints a still life in watercolour.

How to Paint Sunflowers with Elizabeth Robbins

Watch as Elizabeth Robbins paints sunflowers in oil.

Discover more on her website,

How to Paint Rustic Flowers in a Jug in Acrylics with Jane

Paint a rustic still life using the following:

• A pencil, chalk, and a ruler

• 1-in flat brush • 1/2-in flat brush • 1/2-in angle brush • #6 round brush • #3 round brush • #4 cloud brush • Fan brush (optional) • 1/2-in bright(optional)

Liquitex acrylic paint in the following colors: • Titanium White • Burnt Umber • Ultramarine Blue • Deep Violet • Cadmium Orange • Cadmium Yellow Medium

Discover more from Jane on her website,

How to Paint Orchids in Acrylic with MontMarteArt

Create a realistic still life of white orchids in acrylic.

Find more MontMarteArte videos on Youtube.

How to Paint Flowers and a Birdcage in Acrylics with Peter Wood

See more from Peter on his website,

For more drawing and painting demonstrations see the May 2019 issue of Leisure Painter

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