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Reference Material

Here we provide you with copyright free photographs to use as a resource for your painting, contributed by Painters-Online team and regular users of the site.

If you would like a hi-res image sent to you for a more detailed painting, please email Dawn stating which photograph you are interested in.

Click on the titles below to see photographs by subject, or simply scroll through all of the images.


Firle Beacon Herstmonceaux Castle

Firle Beacon (left) Herstmonceaux Castle (right)

Reeds in Sunlight Rainbow over London Wetland Centre

Reeds in Sunlight (left) Rainbow over London Wetland Centre (right)

Rye Harbour I and II

Reeds in Sunlight

Rye Harbour III and IV

Rye Sunset

Rye Beach

Kew Gardens I and II

Crummock Water, Lake District (left) Crummock Water, Lake District II (right)

Queen Ellinor's Garden, The Great Hall, Winchester

Ivy covered post (left) Spring shadows (right)

Kentish stream (left) Rushes (right)

Bullrushes (left) Shady copse (right)

Elham 1 (left) Brookland 1 (right)

Brookland 2 and 3

Brookland 4 Elham 2

Elham 3 and 4

Elham 5 and 6

Sheep and Lambs 1 (left) Sheep 1 (right)

Sheep and Lambs 2 (left) and 3 (right)

Unusual Sheep (left) Big Basin, California 1 (right)

Big Basin 2 (left) Orinda Briones 1 (right)

Big Basin 3 (left) and 4 (right)

Alfriston Church (left) Bridge at Leaholme (right)

Finland's Archipelago 1 (left) and 2 (right)

Ross-on-Wye Valley (left) River Stour (right)

Glenfinnan Monument (left) Durham 1 (right)

Durham 2

Wildboar Clough (left) Provence (right)

Derbyshire Stream (left) Dolgoch Falls, Wales (right)

Olive Tree, Stoupa, Greece (left) Tree Trunk (right)

River Derwent (left) Macclesfield Canal, Cheshire (right)

Trees at Chatsworth Park (left) Cambridgeshire Farmland in the Mist (right)

Fen Farmland (left) Old Nene at March (right)

Soudley Ponds, Forest of Dean

Unusual Tree Trunk

Trees for Kirstie I (left) and II (right)


Butterflies I (left) and II (right)

Butterflies III (left) and IV (right)

Butterflies V (left) and VI (right)

Butterflies VII (left) and VIII (right)

Butterflies IX (left) and X (right)


Butterflies XI (left) Butterflies XI (right)

Butterflies XIII (left) and XIV (right)

Butterflies XV (left) and XVI (right)

Butterflies XV (left) and XVI (right)

XIX (left) and XX (right)

XXI (left) and XXII (right)

XXIII (left) and XXIV (right)

XXV (left) and XXVI

XXVII (left) and XXVIII

XXIX (left) and XXX

XXXI (left) and XXXII



Town, City and Village Scenes


Spinnaker Tower, Poertsmouth

Bellapais, Northern Cyprus (left) Queen Victoria's statue in The Great Hall, Winchester (right)

York Floods, 2012

The Buttermarket, Canterbury, Kent (left) Juggler in Canterbury, Kent (right)

Bridge of Sighs, Hertford College, Oxford

Anchor 1 (left) & 2 High Street, Tenterden, Kent (right)

Union Flags, London (left) Westminster Cathedral(right)

Big Wheel, Hyde Park, London (left) Roof Tops, Tenterden(right)

East Dean, East Sussex (left) Tenterden High Street 1 (right)

Tenterden High Street 2 (left) & 3(right)

Tenterden High Street 4 (left) Leaholme, North Yorkshire (right)

Staithes (left) St. Paul, South of France (right)

Crete Carriage (left) St. Paul, South of France (right)

Nice, France - Market Scenes 1 (left) & 2 (right)

Shire Horse and Coach

Tenterden Steam Railway 1 (left) & 2 (right)

Urbino, Italy 1 (left) & 2 (right)

Urbino, Italy 3 (left) & 4 (right)

Urbino, Italy 5 (left) & 6 (right)

Urbino, Italy 7 (left) & 8 (right)

Urbino, Italy 9 (left) & 10 (right)

Crete Facade (left) Feeding the Pigeons (right)

French Fishmarket (left) Tenby Courtyard (right)

Gozo 1

Gozo 2

Leicester University (left) Ta' Pinu Church, Gozo (right)

Old Town Hall in Blankenberge (Belgium)

Beguinage in Bruges (left) Bruges (right)

Sunset in Flanders

Seascapes and Boats

HMS Victory cannons (left) and St. Ives I (right)

St.Ives II(left) and St. Ives III (right)

Hove(left) and Tenerife Sunset (right)

Hms Victory(left) and Hms Warrior (right)

Boats by the Solent (Near Peterborough)

Coastal Areas


Point Lobos I (left) and Point Lobos II (right)

Point Lobos III (left) and Point Lobos IV (right)

Pin Mill (left) and Eilean Donan Castle (right)

Staithes Cliffs(left) Post and Rope (right)

Beach huts (left) and Staithes Harbour (right)

Aldeburgh Sunset (left) and Amalfi Coast (right)

Boulby Cliffs (left) and Staithes High Tide (right)

Beach (left) and Ravello (right)

Tenby Harbour (left) and Woodbridge Tidal Mill (right)

Thames Rigging


Leicester University Botanical Gardens - Sculpture Exhibition III

Bennetts Water Gardens, Weymouth, Dorset

Flowers and plants

Bee Orchid (left) and Bluebells and Celandines (right)

Bouquet (left) and Bluebell (right)

Dandelions (left) and Daisies (right)

Oak tree (left) and Deepest Shadows (courtesy of AnelieG) (right)

Mavern Hills I & II

Coloured Tulips (left) and Toadstools (right)

Thrift (left) and Tulips I(right)

Tulips II (left) and Tulips III (right)

Twisted Branches I & II

Orchids (left) and Yellow Tulip (right)

White Tulip(left) and Orinda Briones (right)

Orinda Briones II

Willow Herb

Calla Lily (left) and Bluebells and Clematis (right)

Close up Lily (left) and Bluebells and Cow Parsley(right)

Giant Redwood(left) and Bluebells and Last Rose (right)

Lily I and II

Magnolia (left) and Bluebells and Mum's Orchids (right)

Orchids (left) and Sea Poppy (right)

Seedhead (left) and Snowdrops (right)

Sunny Bluebells(left) and Bluebells and The Rose (right)

Tibouchina Secrets (left) and Tulippiri (right)

Vipers Bugloss (left) and White Tulips (right)

Wisteria I and II

Wisteria III

Yellow Tulips

Bedgebury Pinetum 1

Bedgebury Pinetum 2

Bedgebury Pinetum 3

Pets and Wildlife

Itch to Scratch (photo by AinslieG) (left) Spellbound (photo by AinslieG) (right)

The Colt (photo by AinslieG) (left) The Mare (photo by AinslieG) (right)

Ducklings, Bakewell (left) Tufted Duck, Bakewell (right)

Coot and Chick, Bakewell

Castleton Twins, Castleton, Derbyshire

Robin I (left) and II (right)

Duck I (left) Tufted Duck, and II (right)

Water Off a Ducks Back I (left) and II (right)

Otters I I (left) nd II, London Wetland Centre (right)

Eiders (left) Waddlers (right)

Red Squirrel I (left) and II, Isle of Wight (right)

Red Squirrel Acrobat

Red Squirrel III Isle of Wight

Puffins I, Isle of May (left) Puffins II, Isle of May (right)

Grasshopper (left) Little Egret, RSPB Reserve, Dungeness (right)

Waxwings I (left) and II (right)

Waxwings III (left) and IV (right)

Waxwings V (left) and VI (right)

Waxwings VII (left) and VIII (right)

Waxwings IX

Lapwings, Rye Harbour II (left) and II (right)

Lapwings, Rye Harbour III (left) and IV (right)

Stag (left) Highland Cow (right)

Little Owl (left) Eurasian Eagle Owl (right)

Barn Owl

Snail (left) Starling (right)

Blue Tit (left) Cinnabar Moth (right)

Fox Cub

Swan II (left) Swan and Cygnet (right)


Rupert (left) Queenie the greyhounds (right)

Rupert and Queenie 2 (left) Sampson (right)

Winnie (left) Winnie and Sampson (right)

Deer at Orinda Briones (left) Blue Butterfly (right)

Peacock on Buddleia (left) White Peacock (right)

Deer at Knowle Park 1 (left) & 2 (right)

Swan Preening

Fiz (left) Polly (right)


Cockerel and Hen

Donkey close-up

Port Lympne Wildlife Park

Below are some of the photographs taken on our staff outing in August, 2012.

The Giraffes

The Elephants

The Baboons

Black and White Colobus Monkeys

Defassa Waterbuck






Red River Hog



Water Buffalo

Red Lechwe Antelope


Blackbuck Antelope

If you have photographs you would like to submit for this page please email them as jpeg attachments to Dawn

Bennetts Water Gardens, Weymouth, Dorset