Drawing & Painting Cats

Drawing & Painting Cats
Vic Bearcroft
Search Press
BC Paperback (2015)

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Drawing & Painting Cats
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Wild and domestic cats in watercolour, acrylic, ink, pastel and pencil by Vic Bearcroft

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Award-winning animal artist Vic Bearcroft presents his versatile and complete guide to all aspects of drawing and painting cats. From your first pencil sketches to breathtaking finished artworks in a variety of popular and more unusual media, Vic shows you how to capture the elusive magic of cats both big and small. The combination of grace and power that all cats possess is highly attractive. Whether you want to paint playful housecats or majestic big cats, this book will provide you with all you need. More than just an instructional guide, this book takes you into the world of Vic Bearcroft, winner of the Endangered Species category of the BBC Wildlife Artist of The Year competition, and self-confessed cat addict. Focussing on the practical techniques you need to capture that elusive feline spirit, the book covers a wide range of media from smoky ink used to suggest the misty jungle around a black leopard, to soft pastels for adorable kittens. Whether you're itching to make your first drawing, or an expert looking for new ideas and inspiration, this book showcases the wonderful world of painting and drawing cats.