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The original practical magazine for all artists - packed with inspiring features - since 1931!
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  • Masterclass - Aileen Wrennall tells Caroline Saunders about her approach to her colourful still life studies
  • In Conversation - Susie Hodge talks to Peter Kettle about his large-scale Welsh landscape paintings
  • We present the six winners of our 2018 sketching challenges, as judged by Adebanji Alade
  • Mark David Hatwood advises on when you should pay for digital advertising and search engine optimisation

Practical painting and drawing:

  • David Parfitt shows how it's possible to paint through a non-productive period and succeed in producing your best work
  • How to paint silver objects in acrylics with Tim Gustard
  • Adele Wagstaff looks at reductive drawing techniques in the second of her two-part series on drawing the head
  • Learn to achieve life-like textures in pastel landscapes with Cheryl Culver
  • Haidee-Jo Summers explains how, by painting unarranged, everyday objects, you can learn about design and composition
  • How to bring your sitter to life - oil portrait advice from Kathy Barker
  • Jenny Aitken starts a new ten-part series on painting landscapes in acrylics
  • How to draw animal noses and ears and how to capture their expressions with Ruth Buchanan
  • Jenny Wheatley discusses the pros and cons of using acrylics and demonstrates a studio painting from on-site reference
  • Try Francesco Fontana's one-stroke watercolour method
  • Enliven your watercolour paintings with tips and techniques from Carole Robson


  • Your views
  • The Art World
  • Opportunities
  • Exhibitions
  • Art books
  • This month's PaintersOnline Editor's Choice Award

All this and more in the March issue of The Artist, out on January 25.