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The original practical magazine for all artists - packed with inspiring features - since 1931!
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  • In Conversation - Susie Hodge discovers the working methods of James Bartholomew
  • Mark David Hatwood discusses how to protect your work online, and what can and can't be done about copyright infringement

Practical painting and drawing:

  • Aine Divine shows how to paint a side profile portrait in watercolour
  • Use texture paste to add interesting foregrounds to your acrylic landscapes with Carole Baker
  • Paul Talbot-Greaves shows how to paint a field of yellow rapeseed in just five stages using acrylic
  • Learn to paint flowers fast in watercolour with Trevor Waugh
  • Mark Fennell describes how he documented the effects of 18-weeks of chemotherapy in a series of self-portraits
  • How to paint summer strawberries in acrylic with Tim Gustard
  • John Threlfall explains why he finds pastels ideal for painting wildlife subjects
  • Discover colour temperature and tone when choosing colours for painting animals with Ruth Buchanan
  • Focus on the colours of skies and clouds as Martin Kinnear paints fine-weather landscapes
  • Geoff Hunt discusses his two approaches to capture busy street scenes
  • Develop a sketchbook habit with Jenny Wheatley
  • Jenny Aiken shows how to paint big skies
  • Discover Jackson's Handmade Linen Boards with Clare Bowen


  • The Art World
  • Your views
  • Opportunities
  • Exhibitions
  • Art Books
  • This month's PaintersOnline Editor's Choice Award

All this and more in the summer issue of The Artist, out on June 14.