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September 2020

On Sale: 07/08/2020

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What's in this Issue?

For you to try this month:


  • Liz Chaderton shows how to make the most of tone as you paint two monochrome portrait studies
  • How to add drama and light to your watercolour landscapes with David Bellamy
  • Jem Bowden completes his stormy coastal scene by showing how to mix and use powerful darks
  • Keep your sketches fresh and lively by using a limited palette with Tim Fisher


  • Valérie Pirlot shows how to see your garden as a series of abstract shapes 
  • Learn to create the illusion of depth and distance in your oil paintings of trees with DJ
  • Colin Joyce shows how to preserve highlights with wax resist as he introduces this month's painting project
  • Be inspired by the objects around you as Linda Birch offers advice and encouragement for the stay-at-home painter
  • Amanda Cooper finds inspiration in the muted colours of the late-summer garden 
  • Tony Hogan shows how to depict the effects of evening light on the landscape
  • Practise three essential acrylic techniques with Mark Daniel Nelson
  • Anne Kerr shows how to render the elements of the landscape in pastel pencil


  • Things to do this month
  • Exhibitions
  • Reviews of the latest practical art books
  • Reader's letters
  • Paintings from the PaintersOnline gallery

All this and more in the September issue of Leisure Painter - out on July 10

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