Leisure Painter November 2023

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Build your painting and drawing skills this month.

On Sale: 15/09/2023

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What's in this Issue?

For you this month:

  • Discover perspective, eye level and vanishing points as you paint buildings with David Webb
  • Prepare to paint a holiday scene from a photo with Veronica Winters for this month's painting project
  • Paint a dramatic sky using water-mixable oils with Murray Ince
  • Nina Squire demonstrates a coastal scene using a variety of soft pastel techniques
  • Drawing boats is made easy with top advice from Tony Underhill
  • Go plein air with top advice from DJ
  • Paint autumnal silver birches using essential watercolour techniques with Kerry Bennett
  • Tim O'Brien shows how to create the effects of speed and atmosphere in your paintings
  • Learn how to render scenes in line and wash with Brian Smith
  • Be inspired by Edouard Cortès as you paint a twilight scene with Paul Minter
  • Discover easy colour-mixing solutions for autumn landscapes with Colin Steed
  • Use linocut techniques to make a pelican print with Dr Susan Poole


All this and more in the November issue of Leisure Painter - out on September 15.

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