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February 2021

On Sale: 24/12/2020

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What's in this Issue?

For you to try this month:


  • Practise colour mixing and other essential techniques with Lesley Linley
  • Follow Liz Chaderton and combine newsprint and watercolour to paint a portrait of a woman in a hat
  • Discover the joy of  watercolour pencils with Joy Alderson


  • Complete your festive scene set in candlelight with Milly England
  • Tony Underhill introduces a phtograph of Wiveton Hall in Norfolk for this month's painting project
  • Put Winton oils' new colours to the test with Steve Strode
  • Take a New Year sketchbook challenge with Andy Walker
  • Paint a sparkling Christmas market scene with Valėrie Pirlot 
  • Rosalind Jelbert-Ingram shows how to draw a portrait of Percy the cat in coloured pencils
  • Get to know your brushes with Jackie Garner
  • David Whitehead talks you through the process of scanning, editing and printing ink drawings before adding colour
  • Paint a moorland scene with grouse in acrylics with Charles Evans
  • Wendy Jelbert experiments with texture as she relives happy memories of sand and sea


  • Things to do this month
  • Exhibitions
  • Reviews of the latest practical art books
  • Reader's letters
  • Paintings from the PaintersOnline gallery

All this and more in the February issue of Leisure Painter - out on December 24

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