Montana Gold Acrylic Spray Paints

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Montana Gold Acrylic Spray Paints

Glyn Macey tests these new colourful spray paints

'The first thing that struck me about the Montana Gold range is the huge, and I mean really huge, range of colours,' says Glyn Macey.

'Over 200 glorious colours winked at me from the colour chart poster, ‘Go on Glyn, buy me, shake me, spray me,’ the colours tempted, ‘you know you want to!’ And I did.

'I tried to trick the colour chart by searching for shades and tints that I might one day like to use, shades and tints that I think might be missing. But they are all there, every last one, all available, and all in a spray can.

'And where else do you find a colour range that includes the delightfully named Banana Joe, Make-Up, Scampi, Vampirella, Mt. Everest, Brain or Poison, and who could resist Dirty Apricot? So the first test is passed with flying colours.

'Next I studied the application process and found the expected Danger! Extremely Flammable, Contents Under Pressure, Vapour Harmful, don’t inhale, spray on your skin or use as an ice cream topping warnings.

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'OK, so maybe Montana Gold Acrylic spray paint isn’t one for the kiddies, but when using all your commonsense safe practices, these cans are awesome.

'I was slightly suspicious of the extremely-high-covering claim and tried working light over dark, but it didn’t let me down – it does indeed cover well and the paint dries quickly too, which is a real help when trying to avoid the dreaded drips of conventional spray cans'.


Demonstration: Peros Bridge, Bristol

For this demonstration I used Montana Gold spray with just a few touches of scribbled coloured pencil and a watered-down household emulsion wash, so that I could check the reaction and effects possible when using the waterproof qualities of the spray. The main painting is entirely spray

Stage one

I used a card to mask specific areas.

Stage two

I deliberately over-sprayed to allow the paint to drip, combining wet spray with wet emulsion paint

Finished painting

Peros Bridge, Bristol, Montana Gold Acrylic spray and pencil on canvas, 40x40in (101.5x101.5cm)




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