Book Review: Plein Air Painting with Oils Haidee-Jo Summers

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Book Review: Plein Air Painting with Oils Haidee-Jo Summers

Invest in your oil artwork with light, motion and life. Challenge your skills to create beautiful outdoor paintings...

'Time spent in Haidee-Jo's company is always time well spent. She is adept at voicing her thought processes and showing how the creative endeavour develops in the face of changing circumstances, light and the way the work itself progresses. This is not, therefore, a straightforward book of instruction, but rather a tour round the process of painting outdoors and of dealing with both the practical and theoretical considerations it raises. A quick flick through the pages reveals a wealth of visual material - just about every one of the 176 pages is packed with illustrations. These cover all of the subjects you'd expect as well as a variety of compositions, light and weather conditions. As well as demonstrations, there are plenty of discussions of aesthetics, colour, recession and ways to set up.'

'This should delight any oil painter and is one of the most complete and absorbing books on the subject.' 

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Reviewed by Henry Malt. 


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