Book Review: Painting Watercolour Trees the Easy Way

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Book Review: Painting Watercolour Trees the Easy Way

Trees are such an important part of the landscape that an ability to paint them successfully will help you progress with the subject faster.

Painting Watercolour Trees the Easy Way

Not only are they essential to describe the atmosphere of a landscape, a well painted tree, whether it be a magnificent spreading oak or the bare branches of a tree set against a winter's sky, can add interest to a scene lacking in a focal point. Here Terry promises to show you how it's done 'with a few tricks and the right brushes'. A section on materials and equipment is swiftly followed by a description of the palette Terry uses, in particular his colour mixes for creating the perfect hue for sunlit green, country olive, autumn shades and burnt shadow for example colours you will be using time and again in your paintings of trees. This is followed by a useful chapter on using photographs, and combining photographs to make a better composition. Terry then moves on to techniques, including information on what brush to use for the effect you are after, how to use masking fluid, paint trunks and branches and, finally, foliage. The main body of the book is taken up with demonstrations, beginning with a section entitled 'Simple Trees', which describes how to create the impression of trees and helps to build up confidence before moving on to more complex subjects. Included here are trees in each of the seasons. How to paint specific tree species follows, including the cypress, pine, willow and oak tree, amongst others, plus an apple tree in full blossom. Trees in the landscape come next with information on how to place them convincingly in their setting. In total there are 24 step-by-step demonstrations, including an avenue of trees, a bluebell wood and trees in a winter landscape. Each of these demonstrations is carefully considered to help you build up your confidence and create striking watercolour landscapes.

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