Book Review: Learn to Paint Portraits Quickly Hazel Soan

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Book Review: Learn to Paint Portraits Quickly Hazel Soan

Discover the key elements of catching a likeness in portrait painting in a mixture of mediums.

'The premise of this really rather excellent series is that it proceeds by example rather than instruction. Its small, but intelligently packed pages are filled with examples and demonstrations. The words are concise and only there to explain context and background.'

'The idea that you can learn to paint portraits quickly is, of course, a false premise, but the editors and the always excellent Hazel Soan know that. The point is provide the newcomer with as much information as possible without overwhelming them. In this particular field that is a major challenge, but Hazel meets it head-on with quick guides to working with your sitter, basic shapes, features, expressions and progressing to hair types and skin tones. Every section will require a lot more work than it takes to read the 112 pages here, but the foundations are solid and you should progress with alacrity.' 

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Reviewed by Henry Malt. 


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