Book review: Dynamic Watercolours by Jane Betteridge

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Take your watercolour painting to new heights with this exciting and inspirational book that will give you innovative ways to bring vibrancy, texture and dynamism into your watercolours art.

Dynamic Watercolours

Leisure Painter says: "Watercolours don't have to be delicate and subdued; they can be full of vibrancy, texture and dynamism.

"Jane Betteridge shows you how to be more adventurous with the medium. The book includes numerous innovative techniques, all clearly explained and illustrated, step-by-step projects to show you how to use and combine the techniques you've learnt and over 70 inspiring finished paintings, which demonstrate how crackle paste, metallic leaf, print, modelling pastes and much more can transform your watercolours."

The Artist says: "If you want to get adventurous with watercolour, this book will both inspire and tell you just about everything you need to know.

"Jane is not an experimenter for experiment's sake and her results are always driven by creativity. The ways of getting there stretch the capabilities of her medium to their very limits. This is an exciting book that makes full use of colour, surfaces, textures and pastes as well as inks, gouache and salt.

"The demonstrations, as befits the book, are more dynamic in style and less geared towards the step-by-step style of titles aimed at the beginner. Jane takes her work and her readers seriously and this is more a collection of ideas that you'll want to develop for yourself rather than a series of exercises to copy. This is an enjoyable foray into the splendidly diverse possibilities of the medium."

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