Book Review: Drawing Masterclass - Perspective

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Book Review: Drawing Masterclass - Perspective

I've lost count of the number of books I've seen on perspective.

Drawing Masterclass Perspective

It's a highly technical subject and many authors fail to get to grips with the basics. Once you've grasped it, perspective is very simple. There's a viewpoint and a vanishing point and all lines lead from one to another. And that's where all the complications come in. Some books try to do away with the lines altogether. Others cram them in like a railway junction and many use contrasting colours that just get in the way. This, I'm glad to say, is one of the best. Tim Fisher uses lines as little as possible and only when they are necessary for clarity. Mostly he uses example drawings and simple caption explanations that are absurdly easy to follow. There's plenty of practical information here, explained artistically rather than technically.  

Tim Fisher needs no introduction to Leisure Painter readers, being a regular demonstrator and contributor. His new book Drawing Masterclass: Perspective focuses on the difficult subject of perspective, starting from the basics and moving on to complex scenes. And it's not just buildings that are included. Tim shows us how to master the perspective of landscapes, people, animals, boats and reflections. Taking the subject further, Tim then shows us how to move beyond mathematical accuracy of perspective to have the confidence to draw freely and instinctively within its frame work. The presentation is excellent and there are plenty of exercises to work through in your quest to achieve accurate drawings.

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