Book Review: Atmospheric Animals in Watercolour Jean Haines

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Book Review: Atmospheric Animals in Watercolour Jean Haines

Capture the spirit and character of animals in watercolour...

'I suspect that this is a book you're either going to love or hate. Past sales, however, would suggest that Jean has many fans who'll make a beeline for anything she writes, and this is unlikely to disappoint them. The production is top class and the book feels sumptuous in the hand, promising treats to come.' 

'These come as animal painting that are full of essence and character, but light on form. Jean's work seems to coalesce from the page, rather than sit on it as a static image. As a result, these creatures - from cats and dogs to koalas, elephants and even octopus - have a life and spirit, while much of their form is left to the imagination.' 

'Technically, much of the book is about experimentation, with washes, textures, granulation and colour (one of those elephants is in shades of green), resulting in a tribute to watercolour's range of possibilities.' 

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Reviewed by Henry Malt. 


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