Winners of the Jean Haines 'Beat the Blues' Painting Challenge Announced

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Winners of the Jean Haines 'Beat the Blues' Painting Challenge Announced

Jean Haines has, with difficulty, selected the five winning paintings in her 'Beat the Blues' painting challenge

Beating The Blues Winners

'I don't think it will come as a surprise to hear that judging the 'Beating The Blues' competition was really hard,' said Jean Haines. 'Not because of the amazing number of entries but the incredible talent included amongst them. The styles, subject matter and gorgeous results speak for themselves. When set with a challenge these artists rose to meet the adventure and how!

'Well, here are my winning five entries but to be honest, in my eyes, everyone is a winner!'

Feeling Blue by Jenny Harris

'I selected this painting for the skill in the artwork. Clean fresh use of watercolour will always win for me. Especially when there is stunning use of pigment in the subject. And this does say " Blue" very loudly . This striking watercolour caught my eye immediately.'

Willie by Lisa Watkins

'I fell in love with this because the subject itself lives in a very cold climate and yet the warmth added by use of golds' brings this painting to life in a fantastic 'feel good' way! The almost smiling expression of the polar bear makes me feel incredibly happy and that's wonderful considering I am only looking at a painting and not the real thing. This entry takes me away from where I am to somewhere completely different. It changes my mood which is what 'Beating the Blues' is really all about.'

Mesmerised by Diana Boanas

'I am! By the painting and the rain. In fact this painting is so beautiful that it made me stop and think why I haven't painted rain before ! This composition has the feeling of water running down a window pane and captures the atmosphere of a rainy day.. It is so well painted. This is so gorgeous in that you see beauty in a sight we don't always look forward to seeing. Rain!'

Splash by Claire Bartlett

'Firstly the title said it all as this artists truly made a "Splash" with their work and subject matter. Lads jumping into water on a hot Summer Day? What better way to lift spirits than think of youth, energy and sunshine. Brilliant idea! And I adore the use of light here too. I feel the welcoming blue pool even though I am not there in person which is quite an achievement from the artist.'

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Little Boy Blue by Bette Orr

'I loved the salt texture in this and the negative edge of the white umbrella but beating the blues on a rainy day and the thought of a little child under the umbrella was too appealing to resist.'

'Special mentions have to be shared for Linda Easter's Two for Joy, White Orchid by Julie Fowkes, Summer Evening by Jim Morrison and Blue Horizon by Chris Court. I loved the textural effects in some paintings especially by Barbara Taylor Harris. The Blue Collie by Jan Stroud I also fell in love with. Deep Bond by Mary Nucci I loved too because I adore wildlife and there is a gorgeous glow in the painting

'I could go on and on because this really was the toughest competition I have ever had to judge. I loved the still life's, the landscapes, cool seas, beautiful birds and animals. I can still see the seagulls, the horse guards and the Himalayan poppies.

'I can't thank everyone who entered enough because looking through all of these entries has given me a headache in one way from having to select only five winners but oh boy have you beaten the February Blues.

'Well done and congratulations to the winners!'


Each of the winners receives gorgeous Daniel Smith blue shades donated by Jacksons Art Supplies and the earliest copies of my Jean's new book from Search Press as soon as it is released later this year.

Plus, the five lucky winners will have front row seats at St Cuthbert Mills marquee to Jean's demonstration at Patchings Art Festival 2015, to meet Jean in person and have their book signed.



I have so much fun by taking part in this competiotion. I agree it was hard for Jean to choose only 5 paintings. There are so many wonderful entries! Congratulations to the winners! My entry -

Wow, what a superb collection of entries . I am so pleased to have been chosen ! I am looking forward to meeting Jean and excited to be receiving such lovely prizes..

Just delighted! Particularly as I greatly admire Jean`s work. I look forward to receiving the book and paints :)