Talented young artists selected for our TALP Open exhibitions

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Talented young artists selected for our TALP Open exhibitions

Who will be named our TALP Young Artists of the Year 2024?

We are thrilled with the number and standard of entries to our first ever TALP Young Artist of the Year category! The judges were so impressed that we have three artworks for exhibition at Patchings, rather than one, and another five were highly commended.

Take a look at the paintings chosen for this year's exhibitions, opening on July 11 and running until August 11 2024, and find out a little about each of the artists.

See who the judges decide to name our first ever Young Artists of the Year, along with all our 2024 TALP Award winners, on July 11 on the opening day of the Patchings ArtFest and here on Painters Online.

Friends at Lulworth Cove, acrylic, (50x70cm) by Alicia Fraser.
Selected for exhibition in the 18-30 age category.

Friends at Lulworth Cove

My name is Alicia, I’m 23 years old and I have been painting, drawing and creating since I can remember.

I have set up my own business as a freelance artist where I take commissions in my free time. I display my work regularly in local exhibitions and I volunteer in assisting with the curation of said exhibitions.

Friends at Lulworth Cove was created during a time of grief for my beloved dog Wally (pictured on the right), who passed away in December 2023. Painting this piece was a cathartic form of therapy and allowed me to reflect on the wonderful 15 years I spent with him. Ted (pictured on the left) has also since passed away - this image of them together gives me great comfort in their absence. I like to think they were observing the boats far off in the distance.

The painting was created with acrylic paint on a 50inch x 70inch stretched canvas. The paint was applied thickly with palette knives to draw the viewers eyes to the subjects, as if they’re alive on the canvas. I used predominantly muted tones to reflect the calm costal atmosphere on the day.

See more from Alicia on her website by



A Waterloo Feeling, watercolour, (34x49cm) by Nicholas Tobias.
Selected for exhibition in the 18-30 age category.

Waterloo Feeling

I am a passionate watercolour artist from the UK. Having trained as an urban designer, I enjoy the atmosphere and mood of a place, particularly focusing on how a place feels. In my previous career as an urban designer, conveying this was one of my primary objectives when producing design illustrations. Now, after quitting my job in 2023, I can focus on art full time and really explore this more deeply.

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My inspiration for A Waterloo Feeling stemmed from the desire to portray London in a warm, vibrant way. London is great in the summer and the sun can really transform the place. This artwork is a homage to that summer feeling and the use of warm colours along with the energy of the brush marks are what helps to convey it.

Some recent achievements:

  • I have exhibited at the Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolour’s annual exhibition at the Mall Galleries in Central London (2019 and 2024).
  • I have twice received the top 200 award at the International Watercolour Masters Exhibition (2021 and 2024).
  • I have been teaching watercolour with Artefacto Online School since 2022 taking a lot of joy from sharing this wonderful medium with fellow painters.


Commuter, oil, (51x41cm) by Grace Rogers.
Selected for exhibition in the under-18 age category.

Commute by Grace Rogers

My name is Grace Rogers and I’m an A Level student from the North East of England.

My painting Commuter is an ode to my love of oil portraiture and street photography. Currently, most of my work relates to my fascination with observation, mundanity and the nuances of everyday experience - there is a unique intimacy that lies in the mundane that I don't think can be achieved anywhere else, it is its own thing entirely.

I am inspired by others who portray the everyday through their work- brilliant artists such as Edward Hopper and Tish Murtha, who both draw inspiration from observing others around them.

Commuter was painted using a photo I had taken on the Tyne and Wear metro as a reference. I have always found metro rides interesting (on the occasions when you aren’t packed in like sardines) and used to take it often. Whilst travelling I took a series of photographs with the intention of turning them into paintings.

After completing a burnt umber canvas wash in acrylic paint and some monochrome underpainting using oil paint and liquin, I painted the subject in more or less one layer of oil paint. The style of the background was not something I’d usually go for, however I’m a big fan of an ‘unfinished’ look and wanted to do something that reminded me of Diarmuid Kelley’s stoic portraits.

In the end, I thought it felt like a good representation of what travelling can sometimes feel like, simultaneously static and fleeting. I hope that viewers will infer whatever they like from it, and enjoy the artwork as much as I enjoyed painting it! 

See more from Grace on Instagram: gisabelfineart

Congratulations to all of the artists, we look forward to seeing these artworks hanging on the walls of the galleries at Patchings Art Centre, from July 11 to August 11, 2024, and finding out who will be named our Young Artists of the Year.

Click here to find out more about our highly commended artists.

Don't forget to vote for your favourites in this year's TALP Open exhibitions from July 11 to September 30.


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