Look out for an exciting new book by Robert Dutton

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Look out for an exciting new book by Robert Dutton

Drawing Dramatic Landscapes by Robert Dutton is their first in a new series of books from Search Press - The Innovative Artist.

The Innovative Artist: Drawing Dramatic Landscapes is aimed at artists who wish to explore new ways of using a variety of drawing media to create striking, dramatic landscapes.

Author-artist Robert Dutton uses his expressive, loose style of drawing and painting to capture, with great emotion, the power and drama of the landscape. Robert combines media such as liquid graphite, inks, metallic inks, charcoal and water-soluble painting and drawing pastels, and also experiments with collage work. 

Predominantly focusing on working in black and white, this book is a highly-instructive guide to the techniques Robert himself uses, with numerous exercises and larger step-by-step projects throughout the book showing how he works. Alongside these are numerous examples of the author’s finished artworks accompanied by informative captions explaining the methods used to create them, thereby providing both instruction and inspiration.

Of his work Robert says, 'Primarily my work is focused on landscape and my beloved northern wild open vistas, dramatic mountain peaks and and intimate hidden corners of moor and dale.

'Landscape is the great escape, a place where my creative vision is thoroughly released with a direct engagement and expressive response to my subject. I immerse myself in the landscape and allow the interplay between what I see but more importantly what I ‘feel’ to create each and every individual piece of work.

'More often than not everything is started on location. It has to - the physical engagement with the sublime landscape is so important. I plan for the weather but if it rains, so be it - it goes into the work as its all part of the process.’

The Innovative Artist: Drawing Dramatic Landscapes is published on March 31, 2021. Order your copy direct from our book store and save £3 on the RRP.

Go behind the scenes with this Search Press video.

Robert features regularly in The Artist (read previous articles online here) and you can see more from Robert on his website, rdcreative.co.uk.


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