#DrawingAugust with Haidee-Jo Summers - Winner Announced

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#DrawingAugust with Haidee-Jo Summers - Winner Announced

Misty by Rachel Ward was chosen as the winning sketch on Twitter as part of our #drawingaugust competition with Haidee-Jo Summers.

In the September issue of The Artist, Haidee-Jo Summers encouraged readers to improve their drawing skills by taking part in the Twitter campaign, #drawingaugust, and invited readers to share their work for the chance to win a selection of art materials.

Haidee-Jo and the team here chose this beautiful sketch of Misty by Rachel Ward as the winning entry. Haidee-Jo commented: 'Rachel joined in almost every day and I was especially impressed that she continued to draw through her dog’s operation and recuperation, a stressful time. I love the expression on Misty’s face and the splash of colour on the bandage too!'

Rachel says: ''This is the second time I’ve taken part in #drawingaugust. Last year I found myself exploring ink, but this year it was all about pencil.

'A few days into the month, my dog Misty – a collie cross – broke her elbow while charging through the woods near my house. She needed a long operation to put her together again (or face a distressing alternative). I stopped drawing for a day or two but started again when she was back home.

'For me, drawing is like keeping a diary, particularly during drawingaugust and so it was natural for me to sketch her. It was a way to welcome her back and to work through my worry and grief about what had happened. She was sent home with a bright yellow bandage up to her armpit, so I used ordinary pencil for most of her but colour for her leg.

'Taking part in #drawingaugust has become quite important to me. There’s a real sense of camaraderie and encouragement on Twitter and I love browsing the hashtag and seeing what other people are doing and finding new artists to follow. You never know where it will take you and it can have lasting effects on your practice and development. Last year it led me to a whole winter of work using pencil, ink and watercolour. This year, I’m tempted to try bigger drawings and to explore the use of colour in drawing, but who knows? I’m already looking forward to next year!'

You can read Haidee-Jo's article by clicking here. If you have a Twitter account you can login and see all the #drawingaugust posts here, look out for those with @HaideeJoSummers and @artpublishing for the artists joining the challenge.


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