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Winners of the Jean Haines 'Paint Yourself Positive' Competition

Posted on Tue 23 Jul 2019

Back in April, in the June issue of The Artist, Jean Haines invited you to enter a watercolour painting competition to celebrate the launch of her new book, Paint Yourself Positive, from Search Press and her Master set of Daniel Smith Watercolours.

Launching the competition Jean said: 'Everyone has a dream, something they would love to do that may seem impossible. Since childhood, I have always kept a wish list. On it are many things, from those way out of my grasp to simple little things that make me feel brilliant when they happen.

'As an artist I have always been inspired by Claude Monet (1840–1926). I always dreamt of visiting his home in Giverny, France; and one day I did. Seeing his garden and wonderful water lily pond was literally a dream come true for me. I stood silently, aware that I was standing in the very same spot that he once did.

'As soon as I achieved my dream, I began thinking up another to add to my wish list.

'As a challenge I would like to see something that might be on your wish list  painted in a way that is positive. Perhaps there is a place in the world you have always longed to visit, or a sight you have always yearned to see. Maybe you are longing for a new pet or car. The idea is to draw the viewer into your finished work so much that they too would like to add your dream to their own wish list. You can either paint with bright positive colours or allow your emotions to shine through in your work ,you could gain a sense of life and energy in your painting such as a race you've won  sailing, running or riding. I do need to see your painting is created in pure watercolour and I will be judging  on composition, great use of the medium, imagination and positive vibes from each entry.

'Take me to your dream, positively. Good luck!'

The five winning entries have now been selected and the following lucky artists will each receive a signed copy of the limited-edition hardback version of Jean's book plus a set of the new Jean Haines Daniel Smith Watercolour Master Sets.

Dreaming of Painting by Maryann McKee

Jean says: 'I really love this painting and composition. It depicts how I feel very often as I always have my camera at the ready to capture every thing that I would like to paint. Which is frequently! This painting and the message behind it is beautifully executed. And you can definitely see that watercolour was the medium to create'.

Dreams of Safari by Kerry Whiteley

Jean says: 'Who hasn’t dreamt of going on a safari? I fell in love with this painting and instantly knew what the artist was trying to convey. To witness magnificent creatures such as elephants and all the other amazing animals in their natural setting would bring with it a memories that would last a lifetime. Painting something you would really love to see is the next best thing to going. Beautifully painted and a lovely message'.

Long Walks and Pub Carpets by Ali Barlow

Jean says: 'This entry immediately caught my eye. It was impossible to ignore for many reasons. Firstly it is perfectly executed, secondly the dream belongs to the dog in the painting and how many pets wouldn’t be dreaming of long walks and sleeping comfortably at their masters feet at the end of them. I recognise this scene very well from the many dogs I have seen over the year that have curled up or stretched in such a position after long country walks. This is beautiful. This composition depicts dreaming so very well. I love this painting and it just had to be included in my winners.list. Well done to the artist for being so original'.

Oh to Visit the Alhambra by John Elliott

Jean says: 'The title says it all for me. The artist wants to visit this place and see this sight. But it isn’t only the title that caught my eye, it was the brushwork and the workmanship behind bringing this scene to life. Congratulations to this winning entry that draws viewers in to make them want to visit too. The point of a good painting is often to give a message to those who see your work which is exactly what this piece does'.

Keeper of Bees by Jennifer Edwards

Jean says: 'This is a personal choice, because apart from being a really lovely painting I have always wanted to keep bees too and for some reason I never have been able to. I love the simplicity of this composition and yet I know the work involved in creating it. It’s absolutely beautiful and says it all just the way it is. Congratulations to the winner'.

'I would like to thank all the artists who submitted work for this competition making it very hard for me to judge. I could have selected many more than the winning five especially the Venice scene by Brian Nolan because I adore Venice and I know many artists who would want to visit this magical place. I remember my first time seeing it, but alas there could only be five winners in this competition.

'I hope these winners enjoy my new book “Paint Yourself Positive “ and my beautiful new Daniel Smith Jean Haines master sets which are incredible to use' Jean.

If you are logged in to PaintersOnline, you can see all of the entries by clicking here.

Winners of the Jean Haines 'Paint Yourself Positive' Competition