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Winners of The Artist and Leisure Painter August Sketchbook Competitions Announced

Posted on Tue 23 Oct 2018

In the August issues Leisure Painter and The Artist we invited readers to enter our final summer sketchbook challenges set by David Bellamy in Leisure Painter and Adebanji Alade in The Artist.

August's challenge in Leisure Painter was to sketch grand buildings with the following advice from David:

'The final task in the series involves seeking out a castle, cathedral or stately home, or perhaps a church or museum – preferably a grand building. If you feel it is too complicated move further away to sketch it, or find a simpler subject. Or you might wish to try an interior study of an impressive building. You may need to ask permission to work inside, or even within the grounds, and do take care not to obstruct access.

A fine sketching pen or pen and wash works well for studies of buildings, and it’s fine to cheat by blocking off the nasty bits (ie, where there is too much detail!) by bringing in a tree or a bush to obscure part of the structure. This can relieve the monotony of too many hard lines in some subjects. Do several studies if you can and include plenty of notes on your experience.

As usual I hope those of you who cannot get out much will manage to involve yourselves with this competition somehow. If everything else fails try to bring back memories of imposing buildings, whether a fortress, a railway station, or whatever, and work a little imagination into the sketch. I look forward to seeing your entries'.

If you are logged into PaintersOnline you can see all of the entries to this competition by clicking here. Of these entries David selected Bradford City Hall by Louise Garrett (see below) as the winning entry.

Louise wins a Caran d’Ache sketching pack worth £50(rrp), comprising 12 water-soluble coloured pencils and a book to illustrate and four graphite pencils with sharpener from Jakar International Ltd.

For The Artist, Adebanji invited readers to sketch automobiles saying: 'This is the final challenge and I hope you are all up for it! We have an abundance of them around; you can’t go very far without seeing one and you probably own one. It’s cars! You can also sketch buses, vans, a lorry, a coach, anything on four wheels or more. I want to see how you make this very three-dimensional subject look real and believable on a two-dimensional surface'.

From all of the entries (which you can see by clicking here) the judges selected Buick Dyna Flow-Bradford Classic (see below) also by Louise Garrett as the winning entry.

Of Louise's winning sketch (see below) Adebanji said: 'I really love the whole mood and atmosphere in this lovely sketch. I think she has been able capture the structure of the car in a very loose and lively way. I also love the fact that you can feel a sense of the surroundings too. Finally, I love the echoes of the background colours in the foreground. This all helps in creating a classic sketch of a classic car'.

Louise wins a £50 gift voucher from Great Art.

Our congratulations go to Louise on being selected in both categories by our two eminent judges.

If you would like to take part in our Charity Christmas Painting Competitions, please login and visit the competitions page for full details.


Winners of The Artist and Leisure Painter August Sketchbook Competitions Announced