Snowdrops - iPad art for Henry Martin

Snowdrops - iPad art for Henry Martin

Always admired your digital work Christine.....this is a little beauty!

A beauty Christine, great work.

Thank you so much Christine. It's just beautiful and I like it. It's the first time I've had a painting dedicated to me. Nothing wrong with your brushes here so I'd like to see many more.

Thank you Fiona and Margaret. Henry, I find them very rewarding to do as any mistake can be much more easily corrected than on a conventional painting! There are more in my gallery if you're interested and look l forward to seeing more from you.

Thanks Christine. Don't you find it easier painting digital?

Henry, I don't personally find it easier it takes me longer to produce than a conventional painting but I am usually much happier with the result! There's been a lot of controversy on here and in the forum over the years about whether digital art is 'real' art but I think it's much more accepted now. You still have to be able to draw and have an artistic eye for composition and colour. I actually did an article for POL for their on-line letter a couple of years ago but don't know if it''s still available.

Simply beautiful Christine, also a lovely gallery ,

Love the colours Christine, nice snowdrops!

This is beautiful Christine, lovely composition and colours.

This is such a beautiful and delicate piece of digital art Christine. I'm envious that you have got a new iPad to play with!

Lovely vivid colours and beautiful snowdrops.

Hang on Studio Wall

Henry said on his reply to my comment on his lovely digital daffodil painting that he'd like to see some of mine, so here' s one, same theme, different spring flower.

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