Weight Thingy. (That pulls the chain. That closes the gate. In the farmers field.


Excellent rendering of the weight thingy, that closes the gate😊

Love a good thingy

Another excellent rusty painting, like you I cannot resist rusty old objects, sips etc, just so much colour and texture in them.

I love that you chose an object that could easily be missed or taken for granted and gave it such loving attention.

Thank you for your comments. Yes Romila and the farmer had posted an informative sign advising not to enter the field unless you can cross it in 8 seconds because the bull does it in 9. I'm always up for a thingy or a whatsit Heather. I am pleased that I'm not alone in finding beauty in what most regard as junk Paul. Diane. I take great comfort in the fact that my wife took pity on me & felt the same way some fifty odd years ago

Love your mechanical bric a brac paintings Brian. Such great skill involved here. I’m sure your wife is a very, lucky woman with you having such an eye for beauty in unusual places.

I love thingy’s when they are painted as good as this Brian! That looks like a very good textured paper to create rusty thingy’s.

Thank you for your supportive comments Carole, I'll be sure to tell my wife how lucky she is.

Thank you Fiona. The paper is Clairefontaine Flamboyant 140 lb. It is very textured which suits my interests & is why I'm trying it but so far the jury is out. I like the texture but I am having some difficulty managing it. I am improving with each use so hopefully I will get there soon.

Bet i have opened a few of these without even realising, it takes an eye of an artist to spot something as simple as this to make a good painting well done, Brian Love it.

Thanks you for your comments Derek. We do a lot of walking & as you say have opened a great many field gates but it never ceases to amaze me the different mechanisms people come up with to cross from one field to the next. Gates & styles have become almost as important as the countryside on our walks.

Your 'Rustic' gallery is very impressive - impressive technically and in the choice of interestingly obscure subjects.

Hang on Studio Wall
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A little obscure but I think the title about covers it all. In any event it amounted to another opportunity to practice rendering a favourite subject of mine. Rust.

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